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触觉开关 CB


  • Fully sealed construction prevents contact contamination, and allows for automated soldering and washing. 6.2mm square body allows for compact mounting for through-hole and surface mount.
  • Dome contact gives crisp tactile feedback to positively indicate circuit transfer, and assures high reliability and long life of more than 100,000 operations.
  • Gull-winged terminals for SMD ensure mechanical stability during soldering, and simplify solder-joint inspection.
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型号 系列 额定电流(A) 电极 安装方式 电路 发光
CB15FP 触觉开关 CB 0.05 SPST Through Hole Off-(On) 非发光
CB15FP-S 触觉开关 CB 0.05 SPST Through Hole Off-(On) 非发光
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