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倾斜开关 DS


  • DSA Environmentally friendly; contains no mercury. High contact reliability due to sealed body.
  • The switch is triggered when tilted beyond ±10° of the horizontal. PCB adaptor available as an accessory.
  • DSB Photo interrupter, rather than contacts, ensures high reliability. 1M operations minimum.
  • Fully sealed construction for protection from environmental elements including hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen hydroxide. Terminals are made of ammonia-resistant materials.
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型号 系列 额定电流(A) 电极 安装方式 电路 发光
DSA01 倾斜开关 DS PCB Adapter On-Off 非发光
DSBA1H 倾斜开关 DS Through Hole On-Off 非发光
DSBA1P 倾斜开关 DS 0.4 Through Hole On-Off 非发光
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